Bermuda Intergroup Committee (BIC)

Bermuda Intergroup Committee (BIC) is an autonomous service body within the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Its members, as defined below, serve as the primary service committee in support of the A.A. Groups in Bermuda.


The Primary Purpose of BIC is to carry the message of recovery from alcoholism to those who suffer from the disease. Other important purposes include promoting fellowship and exchange of information between the Groups and their representatives; providing and coordinating appropriate information about A.A. to specialists in the field of alcoholism and to the general public; encouraging participation of A.A. members in service work; representing the Groups within Bermuda, and assisting in communication between Groups and the General Service Office.


In accomplishing the purposes set out above, BIC will always be mindful of the principles set forth in the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Concepts and the General Service Manual.



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